Sunday, March 13, 2011

My progress on my projects

Well it seems that I am not much of a blogger. I forget to add things here. I am really enjoying knitting my cape. It is one of those once in a lifetime projects. For me anyway. I would never have had the "umption" to begin something this large with out the support of the group.  I finished the hood of the cape. I went for both the boxes and the angels. I am greedy and wanted both.

I also did a test knit of the sock Michael. I frogged the silly thing so many times I could have knit 3 socks. I like the way it turned out though. 
I need to get busy on Clue 3 but I have a baby blanket to make for an April 9 baby shower and a shawl to make for a May wedding. I can't start the latest clue until I have some deadlines met. Hoping that will make me knit the others faster!