Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Celtic Cape

Well this is a first for me. I have never attempted to blog before.
I have begun a year long journey of knitting a Celtic Cape. Wow I have never done anything this massive before. My largest project was a zip up hoodie knit in stockinette stitch out of Red Heart. Boring!
This is going to be so much fun, if I can keep up that is. I really only have time to knit on the weekend. I have a more than full time job that greatly interferes with my knitting.
I guess what I should write about is how I came to be knitting this work of art. I heard about it on one of my Yahoo groups. I went over to Ravelry to check it out. Turns out this is a work of art. The cape was designed by Meagheen Ryan. Each part of the cape tells a story. So not only am I knitting a work of art I feel like I am part of the story. It will be interesting to see how I keep up, both the cape and the blog!

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  1. And, you know that there are many speeds to knit...not everyone knits fast, Robin. Consider this a gift to yourself when you have time to knit. And welcome to the family!