Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well I have taken a break from my cape hood. I couldn't decide how to finish it off. I will post it when I have finished with it. I picked it back up again today.
In the interim I have done some other knitting. I made the Eire hat by Meagheen Ryan that was sent as an extra for the cape. The design is hard to see as I made it in black.  I should have knitted a few rows after the ribbing but..... I am going to make another real soon as this isn't quite long enough. But I still like it.

I have learned so much since joining in on this adventure. The Ryan family is so giving with their talent and have adopted all of us into the family.
I also had to add pictures of my grand daughter Katie. She picked up my hat when it was almost done, YIKES. She said, "grandma I am knitting like you!" She finally allowed me to have my hat when I cast on some pink yarn for her to knit! She is such a cutie.

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